Below are common questions we receive. Please look this over before reaching out as you might find your answer immediately below!



Q :  How do I order?
We are a hybrid bakery with online orders that are made to order and our clients can pick up their order as soon as 48 hours from ordering.

How to order:
1. Order online from this website by adding the items you would like to your cart
2. During checkout, select your pick up date (earliest time slot available will be 48 hours from your order time, Tuesday-Friday)
3. Pick up at our pick up location at your specified date and time (Snapdragon Floral, 734 Mt. Moriah).

Q : I need an item for an event I’m having on a Saturday or Sunday. When should I schedule my pick up?
A :
Our last day of the week for pick up is Friday. All items are made to order and are fresh for a minimum of 5 days (when properly stored as listed on the labels). We recommend a pick up of Friday for any events on Friday-Monday.
Q : When should I place my order?
A :
You can place an order at anytime! We need 48 hours minimum notice on all orders but you can order for your pick up date up to three months in advance. Ordering as soon as you know your needed pick up date is highly recommended.
Q : Do you deliver?
No. At this time we only offer pick ups. All pick ups are at Snapdragon Floral (734 Mt. Moriah 10-5, Tuesday-Friday).

Q : Do you offer anything that I can get the same day?
A :
Yes! We have a Grab and Go case full of individual treats at Snapdragon Floral that is available Tuesday-Friday. Simply walk in, pick your treats, and pay!
We post when and what is stocked in the Grab and Go Case on Instagram so make sure to follow us there! @jacqueslouisebakery

Q : I have Celiac Disease, are your products safe for me?
A :
Absolutely!! Savannah, the founder and head baker has Celiac disease and all products must pass her safety standards. All products are made in a gluten free kitchen.

Q : Do you have gluten free / dairy free options?
A :
Yes! Click here to can see our GF/DF options.

Q : Are you a nut free kitchen?
A :
While most our products do not contain nuts, there are tree nuts and peanuts used in our kitchen.

Q : I need a cake or cookies for a special occasion (like a wedding or birthday party), do you do custom decorating?
A :
At this time, we do not do custom decorations (custom icing colors or names on cakes) or larger cakes (like wedding cakes) for special occasions. Our cakes are prepared in similar fashion to the photos on our website.

Q : I would really like an item that isn’t listed, can you make it for me?
A :
While we would love to be able to produce a GF alternative for everything, the recipe development process takes weeks and sometimes months to get to our standards. Please let us know what you would love for us to offer as it always helps us with planning for future products!