The name Jacques means “supplanter or substitute”, Louise means “warrior”, and that is the goal of this Memphis gluten-free bakery: to be a warrior and supplanter for those who need it.
Growing up in the south, food is not just for nourishment - it is a way of life. The table is where community is found and fostered. Sharing a meal together is where the deepest relationships are formed.

When I was diagnosed with celiac disease several years ago that shared table was taken away. To fight my disease I had to follow a strict gluten-free lifestyle, which took away that communal aspect of meals  since most foods were no longer safe for me to eat.
Over time I found myself in my kitchen, creating recipes that I could safely eat and also ones that others who did not have to be gluten -free would crave, so all could partake in the same foods and no one would feel isolated because they could not share in a meal.

Jacques Louise is the culmination of this desire, to once again pull up a chair to that shared table.